Who we work with

Our Clients

We’ve created a new tone of voice and messages for the entire individual customer journey – from the moment someone thinks about health cover to the moment they’re asked to renew.

We made an animation for B&CE that explains auto-enrolment and their scheme, The People’s Pension, in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

We’ve run research and written booklets, newsletters and web pages that helped Professional Pensions crown the plan their DB Scheme of the Year.

We’ve helped Irish Life transform their letters – distilling 29 high-level values into 3 clear principles, and evolving from ‘plain English’ to ‘vivid English’ that customers get first time.

TSB exist to bring better banking to Britain. They needed a tone of voice that matched their challenger status. We helped them find it.

We delivered a talk helping graduates learn from the experience that brands like Airbnb, Netflix and John Lewis give their customers – so they can bring fresh thinking to the retail investment market.

We wrote a purpose, core story and key messages for this new investment company, helping them smash their crowdfunding target in under a month.

Logo for Good Energy.

We're helping renewable electricity company Good Energy deliver a clean future powered purely by renewable sources.

The folks at the National Theatre are passionate about what they do. So it was a pleasure to help them pin down their values and define their mission.

Vitality helps people get healthy. Then it rewards them with lower insurance premiums. We helped them explain this tremendous idea.

HSBC Logo - we helped HSBC with pensions, positioning and plenty more.

We've helped banking giant HSBC with everything from training and letter-writing, to pub-quizzing and speech-making.

Bupa give their customers top-notch healthcare. They wanted to give them top-notch letters too. So we put together templates, a writing guide, and training that helped them do it.

They're one of the world’s most influential cancer research organisations. We're proud to have helped them find their tone of voice.

Logo for Virgin Atlantic airlines.

We helped trailblazing British airline Virgin Atlantic get its distinctive tone of voice off the ground.

Diabetes UK logo, we've helped the charity Diabetes UK with copywriting and training.

They're the UK's leading diabetes charity. We've written key pieces of copy for them, and trained them to write more effectively too.

We've written all sorts of stuff for JLT - everything from brochures and sales pieces to newsletters and ghostwritten articles.

We helped the voice of UK investment tell the story of what they stand for. We came up with a new name for them too.

We helped Aon Hewitt’s frighteningly clever Fiduciary Management team write compelling sales messages and stronger tenders.

Logo for Volkswagon, we've helped Volkswagen with their tone of voice.

Volkswagen means 'The People's Car'. The brand's all about putting people first. We've helped them do it when they talk to customers.

CSL looks after training for 400,000 civil servants. We helped CSL’s leaders refine their vision and get everyone fired up about learning.

British Gas logo, we helped British Gas with their external communications.

A household staple that keeps millions of us warm - we've helped British Gas have cosier conversations with their customers.

Channel 4 Logo, we helped channel 4 with tone of voice consistency across internal communications and external communications.

We've helped this iconic British broadcaster use the same tone of voice when it talks to employees as it does when it talks to its viewers.

Logo for First Actuarial, we helped them explain a complicated pensions scheme.

We've helped First Actuarial's actuaries talk about complex pensions policy in a way Unilever's scheme members could understand.

Royal London Logo, we helped Royal London out with their internal communications.

As a mutual, Royal London needed to consult with members about a major deal with the Co-Op. We helped deliver a 96% yes vote.

Logo for AXA Wealth, we helped AXA wealth with their tone of voice.

When AXA Wealth launched, we created its tone of voice. We've been back to train the whole marketing team three times since then.

Muse Advisory logo, we helped Muse Advisory develop their core story.

Muse are experts in pensions governance. We've helped them put their independence and hard-won integrity at the heart of their story.

Operational Delivery Profession logo, we helped Operational Delivery Profession with a big product launch.

The ODP are 280,000 frontline civil servants who keep the UK running. We've helped them launch new, workplace qualifications.

Logo for UK Trade and Investment, we helped UK Trade and Investment with their language and customer communications.

UKTI helps British companies succeed abroad. We've helped its leaders across the world speak their customers' language.

Logo for Virgin Media, we helped Virgin Media to create an online knowledge bank for their employees.

Virgin Media wanted employees to collaborate remotely. So we've helped them launch an online knowledge bank.

IFA logo, we spoke at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries conference this year.

We spoke at the Institute's Pensions Conference this year, helping a roomful of eager actuaries turn data into benefits.

The Family Building Society logo, we helped explain the maths behind FBS' that made their innovative approach more understandable.

These clever people created a brand new type of mortgage. We got to grips with the maths so everyone can understand it.

Almanis is a mind-blowingly clever, crowd-sourced wisdom platform. Google it. We helped them pick a name and pen a tagline.

iD is Carphone Warehouse’s brand-new, game-changing 4G network. We helped them launch their business with the right tone of voice.

We've helped Carpetright talk in a way that reflects their immense enthusiasm for their carpets and their customers.

Logo for Ocean Spray, we wrote the brand book for their business.

We wrote Ocean Spray's brand book. We like to think it was just as tasty as their cranberry flavoured sauces and drinks.