Brand Language

Our brand language work helps brands find the words to say who they are, and what they stand for.

Your brand language, or ‘tone of voice’, defines you. It shapes the relationships you build with people. We help companies use brand language to build better relationships. We do this through:

  • Brand language audits – analysing your tone of voice and how your brand uses language at the moment, with recommendations for how the language you use can support your brand better
  • Brand language – developing a brand language or tone of voice that’s right for your brand. This means everything you produce feels like it’s part of the same family and builds the relationship you want with your audience
  • Brand language guidelines – practical toolkits and guidelines that define your brand language and tone of voice, so you sound like the same organisation whoever’s writing or speaking
  • Brand language roll out – events, workshops and clinics designed to spread the word, so your people can use your brand language confidently

Read how we helped Vitality put its brand promise into words.