How we're different

Here are a few ways we’re different from the next agency (or duck):

We’re word specialists

Some agencies specialise in channels, like advertising or direct marketing, and some in audiences, like employees or shareholders. We specialise in words. We think they’re an untapped opportunity for businesses. When you’re good at using words, you’re not just better at winning customers or closing deals. You’re better at explaining your ideas, sharing your enthusiasm, and getting stuff done.


We’re forensic

We think really deeply and analytically about language. We’re fascinated by how people react to words, how they process information and how they make decisions. Like a kid who dismantles a toaster to see how it works, we’re always taking sentences and paragraphs apart to work out how to improve them. That means we can back up every choice we make with evidence – and give you an objective rationale you can use to convince other people.


We're practical

Our work is always about thinking for doing’s sake. Clever thoughts are only useful if they help you make a decision or do something differently. And our work’s only effective if it helps you solve a problem or hit a target. We’re interested in the outcome you want and putting some nuts-and-bolts ideas in place that help you get there.


We love passing on what we know

We want to sharpen your skills, not show off ours. Whether it’s in a workshop, a meeting or just a Friday afternoon conference call, we want to open your minds, stimulate your thinking, and suggest ways you can improve what you do. It’s about equipping you to do the job yourself next time, leaving you and your business better off.


We come up with unexpected answers

We’ve got experience in brand, marketing, publishing, design and digital. But many of us also work in TV, film, theatre, books and music, and we use that experience to shake up the way you think. We’ve used Shakespeare, Dickens, Mad Men, the X Factor and even Professor Brian Cox in the past. Every time the aim was the same: to steal the best ideas and use them to make your communication more powerful.

"Their approach was something different to the traditional communication consulting approach."